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Final Day in Venice

Day 4 - Nanny's view

sunny 34 °C

After breakfast we walked to downtown Lido (because the bus was sardine packed) and enjoyed our last look at the island before starting our drive to the west coast. Donda and I decided to get off the Auto Strasse so we could see some of the countryside. This route took us through EVERY little town imaginable….actually it was a string of continual little towns that never ended….2 ½ hours later, we decided that highway driving would be a better choice for us. We arrived at our destination which was at the top of a steep, narrow winding road and checked into our B&B, which is clean, quiet and has the greatest views imaginable….including the Mediterranean Sea . Casa Kiwi is our home for the next three days. The house has three guest room occupied by a German lawyer and his wife and baby and parents from Argentina visiting with their daughter from Paris and us.

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Day 2- What really happened (Teenage Daughter's view)

driving to venice

28 °C

Driving down Venice was an... adventure. Mom insists on fighting the GPS because she is right and it is wrong. Only to realize that she is going the wrong way and that we added an hour and a half. (she had to apologize to the GPS) On our way to Venice we got stuck in a stau on the Autostrada. everyone pulled over to the side and got out of their cars to get stuff out of the trunk or to just stand and watch. mom thought it would be a great idea to get off and go around the stau...we got stuck in another one on a back road... surprise surprise. (i was convinced at that point that we werent meant to make it to Venice) Mom got into another fight with the GPS trying to get back to the Autostrada and then she tried to make me and nanny read her a map that had absolutey no towns or small roads on it. (2010-2011 GERMANY MAP) it was an adventure all right. finally when we got to Venice we drove onto a ferry. it was nice. when we got onto the island Lido we drove down to our pit.. oops i mean villa. It was quite lovely if you like bugs, 6 Euro wifi for 15 min., a deposit for AIR CONDITION and a rude german manager

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Nanny's View of Murano - Day 3

Last Day in Venice

Our first activity for the day was to go to Venice Beach is on the Adriatic Sea which was relatively warm. We took the car only to discover that there was no parking and the beach was only two blocks from the hotel. So we drove back to the hotel and parked. Apparently I am not very “European” since the sight of a 90 year old man in a speedo has scarred me for the rest of my life….and the vision of a 70 year old grandmother in a bikini is beyond description and NO that person was not me! . Fortunately, everyone HAD suits. Brenna and I ventured into the water in search of shells and Donda sat on the beach and watched to make sure no one made passes at us. (that was what she told us).
After the beach we took the ferry around the island of Venice to the island of Murano to look at glass. Since it was Sunday, the bus to the water taxi was almost empty and we were able to get on the first one….and the water taxi wasn’t packed so I was able to enjoy the ride. Brenna and I discovered that if you have sun glasses on, you can sleep setting up and no one would notice. First stop was a W/C…..public…..co-ED. It was awful! So, we had to buy a drink at a café so we could use private facilities.
Murano is a beautiful little area and it’s the island where the glass factories are located. We found that the farther we walked away from the port, the less expensive the gifts were, so we wondered through the alleys looking for the perfect items. After five hours of wondering, we decided to have dinner in Murano rather than Venice. We found a cute little café on a canal and I tried Spaghetti Carbonara, which is one of my favorite dishes that EJ makes for me. This version was good, but not nearly as good as Ed’s dish.

Dive to the Other Coast

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Murano Island, Venice

Day 3

Sunday morning was great -woke up fairly early, ate breakfast and went for the bus to the ferry to head to Murano Island where the hand blown glass is made. A couple of hiccups - Went around the ENTIRE Island of Venice to get where we wanted to go instead of the most direct route. I probably need more practice ready the water taxi map. No problem - it gave us a great view of the city. Murano was alot of fun - we enjoyed it more than Venice since it was less crowded and the shopping was great. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!!!! Best part was that late in the day when all the tourist left, the Italiens came out. We decided to eat dinner there along the canal. Food was half the price of our Venice meal the previous night and the 1.50 Euro per glass wine was just as good as our 30 Euro bottle. Mom is hilarious getting on and off the water taxis - she is definitely not European! Love staying on Lido. The beach was lovely and mom and I discovered that bikinis can be worn by any age though you won't find us buying one any time soon.

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Day 2Continued - Nanny

Venice is hot and crowded

sunny 29 °C

The hotel is another story. While our room is clean (thank goodness), we had no air-conditioning. When we asked to have it hooked up, we were told that we had to pay a E20 deposit in case we break the remote control. We have to unhook lamps to have outlets to plug our chargers into. This hotel gets two stars!
After we settled into the hotel, we wanted to get into Venice as soon as possible, so we caught a bus which was so crowded that we couldn’t even turn around……and rode to the water taxi terminal. I think everyone on Lido had the same thoughts. We were herded onto a boat, where everyone invaded my personal space. We were packed together like sardines with no safety notice, no life jackets – it was terrifying. I had visions of it tipping over and drowning.
I have one thing to say about Venice…..don’t go on Saturday. It was packed! I felt like we were visiting Italy in Disney World. It is a total tourist attraction. After dinner, we ran into a gondola guy and arranged for our gondola ride. It was dark and less crowded and absolutely beautiful! I did enjoy this special treat. The ride back to the hotel was less crowded also. We got home at 11:30 – exhausted!

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