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Day 2 from Nanny

The long drive to Italy

sunny 28 °C

We managed to get on the road by 10 a.m. and thirty minutes later we were sitting in the longest traffic jam ever, so we decided to get off the autobann and bypass the jam……so, we spent the next thirty minutes in another jam. Finally, we were on the road again….which is a story in itself. The GPS told us to go one way, and Donda wanted to go another, so after we were hopelessly lost, Donda asked Brenna and me to read the map. Well the only map we had was 1/100000 scale and there were no roads or towns listed!!! Finally, we agreed to listen to “G” again, and we made it to the Venice Port. This was my first trip in an auto ferry, and it was pretty cool. We are staying on Lido Island.
The hotel is another story. While our room is clean (thank goodness), we had no air-conditioning. When we asked to have it hooked up, we were told that we had to pay a E20 deposit in case we break the remote control. We have to unhook lamps to have outlets to plug our chargers into. This hotel gets two stars!

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Day One - What really happened

The Grand-daughter's point of view


Starting off was a bit stressful, Mom lost my passport. Nice one. Then mom and nanny fought about the GPS and which way to go. I was feeling sick already. throughout the car ride we had to stop so i could sit in the front with mom and not puke. miserably nanny and i held on while mom sped through the mountains yelling HAIRPIN TURN every time one came up. We got lost trying to get to our B&B, so mom called the lady and she was out shopping so she found us and told us to follow her up to the B&B. (mom said she would have found it... DOUBT IT) The lady was so nice and awesome. Then when we got back from dinner she came out all dressed up, mom asked if she was going hiking, she replied with...hunting. the next morning for breakfast low and behold there was venison. i didnt eat it. none of us did. We wee so used to god awful, cold Germany that when we got here and it was burning hot we all had to change into summer clothes.

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Day one: Nanny's point of view

Over the Alps


I love traveling with girls! We take bathroom breaks at every stop and no one says "again"? We travel with two grocery bags of food and we ate our way to Austria.......almonds, gold fish, candy......maybe that is the reason I felt dizzy going around curves and granddaughter needed a barf bag.

When we stopped to take photos of the Zugspitz, I was shocked to find a young man in the bath room with me. I was sure that I had misread the door and entered the wrong facility, but Brenna happily told me that she watched him go in and was waiting to see my reaction. Isn't that sweet!

After freezing for two weeks in Germany, I am happy to report that the weather is amazing and we are all looking forward to wearing summer clothes tomorrow. We are staying near Innsbrook tonight. The area is known for its schnapps, honey, hay milk cheese and wood working. We are stopping by the local artisan shop tomorrow. The only dim spot in our stay tonight is the abundance of flies. Apparently, the warm weather has brought them out in full force and they have invaded our rooms.....no air conditioning because we are in the alps! I've murdered a number of them already......sorry EJ. Another view from out room

Another view from out room

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Over the Alps

It's hard to navigate and drive at the same time

sunny 24 °C


I knew I was doomed within the first 5 minutes of leaving the driveway. Mom was trying to set the GPS and daughter was reading the map. I just headed south to the Alps. We had to stop twice to figure things out before we ever got to the autobahn outside of Stuttgart. We were off to a great start on our week long adventure.
We made it to Austria in 2 1/2hours and another two hours to the gasthaus. That was with four stops: one where we met a work colleague from Stuttgart overlooking the Zugspitz and mom discovered coed bathrooms; one to purchase a tax vignette for the windshield; once to hit an outlet store to loolk for lederhosen for dauhter; and once to keep mom and daughter from getting sick on winding mountain roads.

GPS did not recognize the gasthaus address or coordinates. Luck was on our side when the owner was a block a way shopping and we were able to follow her even higher up the mountain.

Great hotel with a fantastic view!

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